Postpartum Meal Prep Services

Holistic meal prep services for new parents

Postpartum Nourishment

 Becoming a new parent comes with it’s own new set of challenges and attending to your own basic needs, while learning the ropes of being a parent can be overwhelming.

Having nutrient-rich, already made meals while you are caring for a new baby, can make a huge difference. Especially when you are sleep deprived, are healing from giving birth and breastfeeding, it is necessary to make sure that you are getting all the nutrients you need, in order to stay energized and to not deplete your body of its nutrient stores.

New mothers can benefit from a whole food and nutrient-rich meal plan that focuses on galactagogue foods and herbs that help you produce breast milk, that will also enrich your milk with the nutrients necessary for your baby’s brain health and growth. This meal plan will also include foods that help balance mood and hormones and keep you balanced during your first few weeks of being a new parent. 

Our services start at $300 dollars per service for a minimum of 12 meals, plus groceries and travel/delivery fees. Price varies based on the amount of meals and variety you you’d like to receive. 

We offer delivery services for our postpartum clients, as we understand new parents need their own space during this sacred time. We cook from our fully licensed commercial kitchen and safely deliver our meals to our clients.
Delivery services are subject to a $25.00 dollar pantry fee for use of our own pantry as well as a delivery fee. 

Our meal plans include:  

Customized weekly menu planning according to your dietary needs, organic groceries,
freshly cooked meals delivered to your door once per week.



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Examples of foods that are supportive for postpartum :

  • A variety of nutrient rich vegetables like carrots, yams, and dark leafy greens. These not only boost lactation, but provide a lot of other health benefits through their nutrient profile.
  • Oats are very beneficial due to their high iron content, which helps with relaxation and milk production.
  • Garlic has many health benefits as it’s anti-inlammatory, anti-viral and helps boosts your milk production. It also adds great flavor to your food.
  • Incorporating sesame seeds into the diet is great to boost lactation, think sesame oil, tahini and halva.
  • Increased fiber content for hormone balance.
  • Healthy fats and oils such as coconut oil, avocado oil and avocados, nuts and seeds for hormonal balance.
  • If not vegan, egg yolk is very beneficial, as it is full of nutrients which assist with restoring hormone balance after pregnancy. It is a rich source of Selenium (which plays a significant role in converting inactive form of the thyroid to active form), Vitamin A, and Vitamin D.
  • Removal of foods such as soy, dairy and white and refined foods is recommended, as most of these foods are void of nutrients and can cause postpartum constipation. Soy can contribute to hormonal imbalance and can supress thyroid function.

What clients say:

“While it may seem a luxury to have a personal chef and certainly it means prioritizing food, health and time over other things, I encourage you to treat yourself and see what a difference it makes to your routine. You will be surprised at how efficient a professional can be with maximizing your budget and your portions while at the same time minimizing waste. Trust me you will not be disappointed!”

Are you ready to take meal prepping off your plate?

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