Fresh Sheet 

Not everyone requires enough food to meet our minimum for our Customized Meal Prep Services. This is why we launched the Fresh Sheet!
A weekly roatating menu made up of the same quality, highly nutrient-dense, nourishing meals delivered directly to your doorstep.

With each meal, we help nourish you on a cellular level with super hydrating, health-giving, plant-rich ingredients so you can just come home, open the fridge and know your body and mind are taken care of. So that you have the chance to slow down and do more of what you love most. 

 The Fresh Sheet is a non-customizable service, and we have created all meals with most dietary restrictions in mind: 

75% Organic and local wherever possible
plant-based with option to add animal protein
gluten-free options available
paleo/ low carb options available
full of healing ingredients
no refined sugars or preservatives
very vibrant and colourful
holistically designed – aka nutritious & delicious!

Fresh Sheet FAQ



  1. We publish our menu every Wednesday at 2pm for delivery and send out our newsletter. The menu is live for 1 week and the deadline to order is the Wednesday prior to our delivery date at 12pm. 
  2. Choose your meals! You get to select the type of meal and there are slight add ons or substitutions you can make. Add animal protein, make it GF or make it low-carb. 
  3. You can choose to subscribe for the meal service to ensure that you get meals every week! 
  4. Receive your meals every Sunday. Our delivery drivers will arrive anywhere between 4:30-6:30pm and will deliver the meals as per your specific delivery instructions. You can be home to receive or they can be left at your door. 
  5. Enjoy a fridge full of healthy, nutrient-dense, delicious food for the week!


Are all of the meals vegan? 

All of the meals will be vegan as a baseline with the option to add on animal protein. 

Are the meals gluten-free? 

The meals are either gluten-free or there is an option to be gluten-free. 

Can the meals be customizable? 

Unfortunately not for the Fresh Sheet. If you are interested in receiving customized menus made specifically for you, learn more about our personal cheffing services here.

Can you accommodate allergies? 

Our menus are built to accommodate the main allergies and intolerances (gluten and dairy). 

Please note that we do produce from a facility that handles allergens including tree nuts, peanuts, fish, shellfish, dairy, soy, eggs, wheat, gluten, mustard, sesame so even if these ingredients have not been listed in the menu description, there is a chance of cross-contamination. 

 If you have severe allergies, we recommend you look into our customized personal and private cheffing services.

How long do the meals last?

The meals will last 4-5 days

If your meal has seafood, please eat within 3 days. 


Is there a minimum?

Yes, our minimum order is 3 meals. 


Is your food organic? 

Our meals are 75% organic, we place a high importance on non-GMO, local and organic food. We also place an importance on sourcing from local farms as much as possible as we believe this is a non-negotiable for the health of the planet. 


What are the delivery fees? 

Vancouver: $16
Burnaby / Richmond / New West: $20
Coquitlam: $25
North Van: $25
West Van: $35


How do the deliveries work? 

Deliveries happen every Sunday between 4-6:30pm. 

In the case that you are not home when the food is delivered, the food will be left on your front doorstep. If you would like us to leave the food elsewhere (i.e. back door or behind a planter), please include very specific delivery instructions to your order.

If you live in an apartment or condo building, our driver will buzz you upon arrival and leave food at your door. If your driver cannot reach you by buzzer, they will attempt to deliver the food to your concierge. 

If for any reason our drivers cannot access your house or apartment building, they will bring your food back to our commissary kitchen space at 1370A E Georgia Street. We can arrange either delivery for an additional charge or you can pick up the following day (Monday from 9am -4:30pm). If you miss the delivery, you will still be responsible for paying the scheduled delivery fee.  

Your driver will text you to notify you when your food is on the way, when your food has arrived and once the delivery is complete.  

Please note, your food will be delivered in paper bags, not insulated cooler bags. For this reason, it is important to ensure someone is home during the drop-off. 


Can I pick the food up to avoid the delivery fee? 

Yes, pickups are available on Sunday from 9am-3pm or Monday from 9am – 4:00pm from our commissary kitchen. 

Address: 1370A East Georgia Street. 

Please call: (236) 777-8479


Our Fresh Sheet Schedule


Please place your order by 12pm on Wednesday.


Delivery between 4-6:30


Can I sign up for a subscription? 

Yes! We encourage you to sign up for a recurring weekly subscription as it ensures your fridge will always be stocked with fresh, delicious food even if your week is busy and you forget to place your order! 

To subscribe, place your order. When you get to your payment page, select “Subscribe” in the top right corner and select either weekly, bi-weekly or monthly renewal. If you forget to order, no worries – we will select items for you! 


If I am subscribed – Can I skip or pause at any time? 

Yes, you can pause or cancel your services at any time. Please note, cancellations or pauses must be made to your account before the menu cut-off time at 12pm on Wednesdays. 


If you have any other questions, please feel free to email us!



Do you require more customization of meals? 

If you have a higher level of dietary restrictions or are looking for a more therapeutic approach and/or private chef services, we can help! 
Book a free 15 min call to discuss your needs. 

What clients say:

“While it may seem a luxury to have a personal chef and certainly it means prioritizing food, health and time over other things, I encourage you to treat yourself and see what a difference it makes to your routine. You will be surprised at how efficient a professional can be with maximizing your budget and your portions while at the same time minimizing waste. Trust me you will not be disappointed!”

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