About Raíz Holistic Nutrition

My name is Monica Nelson and I am the founder of Raíz Holistic Nutrition. I created Raíz because I want to help busy people connect with their food and their bodies in a meaningful way. I found that in the society that we live in today, we have become quite disconnected from our bodies and our food sources. That’s why I’ve created a business that provides fresh and nourishing meals to busy people like you. So you can spend more time being present with the food you eat and enjoy the rest of your free time (that you don’t have to spend in the kitchen) doing the things you love most.

I am blessed to be a dual citizen, with roots in Mexico and Canada. Hence the business name “Raíz,” which means “Root” in Spanish. My belief is that holistic nutrition and health are about seeing the body as a whole, going back to our roots, connecting with the earth and knowing where our food comes from.

The number one challenge that people face when they talk about their health goals is time.

It can feel like there are not enough hours in the day to do what it takes and to stay balanced, so we will work together to help you stay accountable to your health goals when life gets busy. I do one-on-one consultations, create personalized meal plans on a weekly basis, and most importantly, implement them from your own kitchen.

I support you by helping you ditch the stress of menu planning for the week, going to the grocery store, the time it takes to cook and the energy it takes to clean the kitchen. Leaving behind delicious nourishing meals in your fridge – ready for you to have a successful, healthy week. So that you can spend more time investing in yourself and doing the things you value most.

I believe that given the proper knowledge, consistency, and support, the human body has the power to heal itself and can prevent lifestyle-based chronic disease.

Work with me and let food be thy medicine.

More about Monica Nelson:

I grew up in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, being a dual citizen and wanting to explore my canadian roots, I moved to Vancouver for University. I hold an Undergraduate Degree in Communications at Simon Fraser University and worked in Public Relations for four years. After some deep soul searching, I connected with what made me the happiest. Making food for the people I love, and supporting them with their health goals. I sought to pursue my education as a Holistic Nutritionist and I am now a CNP (Certified Nutritional Practitioner).  I have since worked at a number of restaurants, retreats, and private homes perfecting my craft. I believe every person and their nutritional needs are unique and I support each of my clients in their individuality.